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2020-2021 Gun Raffle

Rice Lake Youth Hockey is hosting our 2nd Annual Gun Raffle, tickets are $20/each for the opportunity to win one of the 11 guns we have in this year's raffle.  

Tickets can be bought from any Rice Lake Youth Association member or at any of the following location:

  • Pioneer
  • The Landing on Long
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Paul's Pizza Den

Drawing will be held March 13, 2020 @ 5:00 PM (must not be present to win)

Gun's Included with this years raffle include: 

  • Tikka TX3 Hunter .270 - Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Ruger American Predator .223 with Scope
  • Browning A-Bolt .300 Win
  • Henry Arms Golden Boy .22
  • Winchester XPR .308 - Camo Finish
  • Savage Arms Hunter XP .308 with Scope
  • Ruger American Compact .243 - Youth Rifle
  • Savage Arms Axis II XP .270 with Scope
  • Mossberg Patriot Bantam 6.5 Creedmoor with Scope
  • Remington 783 6.5 Creedmoor with Scope
  • GRAND PRIZE - Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 - 12 Guage Shot Gun




With Covid-19 limiting viewing at some arenas and/or fans ability to travel, be sure to check out LiveBarn, where we are able to broadcast all the games played at Rice Lake Arena (and a multitude of other areas) live and On-Demand. LiveBarn allows friends, family, players & coaches to: 

  • Follow the action from their mobil device, tablet or computer live or at a later time. 
  • Download games to review
  • Submit highlights directly to LiveBarn for Plays of the Week 
  • Share great plays via social media and email!

When you subscribe to LiveBarn, you can stream unlimited video from any LiveBarn venue for $14.95/month. Use our PROMO CODE: 559e-d215 for a 10% discount on your subscription. You can access LiveBarn here.


If you already subscribe to LiveBarn, be sure your profile reflects our Promo Code: To do this: 1) Sign on 2) Click Profile 3) Either ADD or UPDATE 559e-d215 in the promotional code field



Our mission while teaching and playing the game of hockey is to provide a safe, fun experience, respect for oneself and others, education, respect various levels of competition, develop a healthy philosophy toward winning, giving ones best efforts while teaching good sportsmanship, develop individual and team skills, knowledge of the game, develop respect for coaches, referees, parents, players and self all while developing friendships that last a lifetime.


We want to keep RLHA Alumni updated on things going on at the rink and within the Association.  Be sure to register on our Alumni Registration so that we can keep a running list of all former players from youth through high school and beyond.

Hockey Truths!

Lots of kids play! Rice Lake is one of more than 90 youth hockey associations statewide. In Rice Lake alone there were more than 100 kids participating in hockey last year.

Girls can play too!  Currently Rice Lake has several girls that play on our youth teams.  Although we do not have a WIAA high school girls team, many move on to play for area girls co-op teams once they age out of the youth program.  Two of our Rice Lake girls even played for the State Champion girls team in 2016!

Hockey is exciting to play and watch! For both the players on the ice and parents in the stands, hockey games are fast and exciting!

Everybody is part of the action! Unlike some youth sports, there aren’t just a few kids in the key positions. In hockey everyone shares in the fun and action.  A youth hockey team generally fields (and needs) twice as many kids as a basketball team, and everybody plays!   That is huge!

Hockey is for all sizes!  You don’t have to be big to play hockey well. Whether you’re big or small, any player can contribute to the success of their team.

Hockey is a lifetime sport!  Men and women of all ages play in recreational hockey leagues for years and decades after leaving youth hockey.


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